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ASA San Diego
P.O. Box 600723
San Diego, CA 92160
(619) 825-9552
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Welcome to ASA San Diego

ASA is a place where members have a voice in determining the future of the San Diego County construction industryASA’s issues, programs and projects are determined by people like you –professional contractors who want to make a difference in this construction industry.

Our mission is to educate the industry and the public by promoting programs, services and legislation and to create an environment in which specialty contractors can operate more professionally and profitably.

ASA is a unique organization because:

  • ASA stands up for Specialty Contractor rights.
  • ASA brings you authoritative and timely information.
  • ASA brings you face-to-face with other people, like you, who are working to change the construction industry today, for a better tomorrow.

To find out more about becoming an Associated Subcontractor's Alliance member, and to take advantage of the various member services offered by an association that is working hard to protect your rights as a business owner, please read more about the benefits of joining ASA and print the Membership Application. If you are an owner, general contractor, developer, architect, or engineer and are interested in joining ASA please print this Industry Partner Application